What is Google Algorithm Updates? | 10 Major Google Algorithm Updates

Google Algorithm Updates

Friends, Today I Am Going to Talk About the Updates of Google Whose Updates Keep the Website Traffic Down and High. Friends, Google Algorithm Updates Are Nothing New for Those Who Are Bloggers, but for Those Who Have Made a New Move in the World of Blogging, It is Very Important to Know These Updates of Google, Because You Will Want to Rank Your Blog on Google Itself. Friends, in Addition to Google, There Are Many Search Engines but Google is the Most Used.

Google’s Name Remains on Everyone’s Tongue, as if Searching for Anything, Then Say “Google Google”. So, We Should Know Very Well About Google’s Updates. Friends, Every Person Who Creates a Website Has to Rank His Website on Google. Therefore, if He Does Not Know About These Updates of Google, Then It Will Be Very Difficult to Rank the Website. So Get to Know Google Updates and Enjoy Its Benefits. Let’s Know These Major Updates of Google Without Losing Time.

What is Google Algorithm Updates and What Does It Use?

Friends, Google Needs to Do Algorithm Updates Because Many People Were Using Black Hat SEO to Bring Traffic to Their Website. Those Who Used to Get the Rank of Their Websites Quickly in Google and Whose Content Were Good and Those Who Used to Be Genuine Websites Took the Rank of Those Black Hat SEO’s, Due to Which Users Did Not Get Good Results. Due to This Reason, Google Needed to Do Algorithm Updates, Which It Keeps Doing From Time to Time. Due to Which Websites Have Good and Genuine Content, the Rank of Their Websites is Now Fast in Google and Black Hat SEO Users Get the Rank but Due to Google’s Algorithm Updates Their Websites Rank One or Two It Goes Away in the Day Itself.

Friends, Although Google Has Many Updates, but in This Post I Will Tell About the Ten Major Updates, Which Google Keeps Updating Over Time. So Let’s Know 10 Major Google Algorithm Updates in Hindi, Knowing That You Can Rank Your Websites Well in Google.

1) What is Google Panda Update?

Friends, Google Panda Update Was Launched by Google on 24 February 2011. Its Main Job is to Target Websites With Low Quality Content, Google Identifies the Websites That Have Irrelevant Content With Their Panda Updates and Imposes Penalty on Those Websites. Due to Which Such Websites Become Ranked in Google and Gradually Their Rank Disappears, Which Reduces the Traffic of That Website. Today, It Has Become Impossible to Rank Websites With Low Quality Content in Google Because Google Panda Monitors Websites That Do Not Rank Them in Google.

Friends, Speaking in Simple Language, Google Wants That Any User Who Goes to a Website Through Google, Then There Should Be Good and Relevant Content That is Useful for Him. Suppose for Example – If We Are Searching on Google, Google Algorithm Updates and Then We Click on Whatever Website Comes Up, but in It Instead of Google Algorithm Updates, You Have Written Content on Some Other Topic, Then You Can Read It Would Not You? That’s Why Google’s Panda Update Looks at These Things and the Website That Gives Us the Right Information, Lets the Rank of the Same Website Come Up.

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On Which Website Does Google Panda Take Penalty?

Talking in Simple Language, Google Panda Seems Penalty on Those Websites Which Have Duplicate Content, Copy Paste Content, Irrelevant Content and Low Quality Content.

How to Save Your Website With Google Panda Update?

Friends, If You Want to Save Your Website From Google Panda Update and Get a Good Ranking in Google, Then You Have to Remove Duplicate and Copy Paste Content From Your Website. If Your Website Has Low Quality and Irrelevant Content, Then It Has to Be Edited and Corrected.

2) What is Google Penguin Update?

Friends, Google Penguin Update Was Launched by Google on April 24, 2012. This Update Focuses on Content as Well as Backlinks, Google’s Penguin Update is Specifically for Links. In Addition, This Update Works Especially for Keyword Stuffing and Over Optimization. To Rank Website, Blogger Used to Take Back-links From Many Websites, Due to Which the Ranking of His Website Very Quickly Came in Google’s Search Results. Now the Bloggers Used to Create the Link First Without Thinking About the Quality of the Link, but This Rule Has Changed Since Google’s Penguin Update.

Now Google Closely Monitors the Quality of Links. So Those Who Rely on Quantity Instead of Quality of Links, and Think That by Making More Backlinks, Website Will Rank in Google’s Search Result. So They Must Know That They Are Wrong, Google Now Pays Attention to the Quality of the Links and Not the Quantity.

Therefore, I Also Want to Tell You to Get Your Blog or Website Linked to a Website That Writes Articles Related to Your Website. For Example, Suppose Your Website is Related to Health and You Are Backlinking Your Website From the Technical Website, Then It is Linked to Your Website With Quantity, Not Quality. But This Does Not Matter for Multi Niche Blogs. By Multi Niche Blogs, the Blog Which Writes Articles on Many Topics, Such Websites Can Take Back-links From Any Website.

How to Create a Back-link to Avoid Google Penguin Update?

To Avoid Google Penguin Update, You Need to Create Healthy Back-links. By Healthy Back-links I Mean Back-links That Come From High DA’s Relevant Sites. Friends, Try to Make Links From the Relevant Sites of High DA, as Well as Try to Make Do-follow Back-links. This Will Pass Rank Juice to Your Website, So That the DR (Domain Rating) of Your Website Will Be High. With Which Your Website Will Soon Start Ranking in Google’s SERP. With This, You Must Stop Making Unnatural Back-links and Make Sure That You Do Not Create Back-links From Spam Sites at All. When Creating Back-links, Make Links Only by Checking Da, Pa, Spam Score of the Website.

How to Recover Website With Google Penguin Update?

Friends, Use Disavow Tool to Recover Website From Google Penguin Update. For This You Have to Go to https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/disavow-links-main and Submit All Those Links Here. After That Google Will Remove All These Links, for This, First You Have to Find the Links of Your Website Which Have Very High Spam Score, and the Links Which Are of Spammy, Artificial, or Low-quality, You Will Also Get Those Links From Google Webmasters Submit in Tools. In 2 to 3 Days Your Website Will Be Recovered From Google Penguin Update.

Please Note: As a Result of This Process Many Links Will Be Removed From Your Website, Due to Which the DA and DR of Your Website Will Be Reduced.

3) What is Google Pirate Update?

Friends, Google Pirate Update Was Launched by Google on August 2012. Google’s Pirate Update is for Websites Whose Websites Have Reported Copyright Infringement to Google. This Update is Primarily for Websites That Provide Movies, Music, or Books to Visitors for Free. If Your Websites Have Copyright Owner’s Permission, Then Your Website Can Escape From Pirate Update and You Can Provide Visitors With Copyright Owner’s Permission. This Update Greatly Affects Torrent Websites.

4) What is Google Hummingbird Update?

Friends, Google Hummingbird Update Was Launched by Google on 22 August 2013. The Main Job of This Update is to Provide Relevant Information to Its Users. This is an Update Focused Primarily on Content and Search Query. This is a Very Important Update Because Now All Users of Google Will Get Relevant Information Due to This Update. Friends Before 2013, the Situation Was Different on Google, Earlier User Friendly Articles Were Not Found Quickly, Due to Which Users of Google Did Not Get Relevant Information. But Since This Update, Google Now Provides Very Accurate and Desirable Information to Its Users. Friends, Google is Always Trying to Make Its Search Result Better Than Ever, and This Update is a Part of That.

Google Always Wants to Provide Such Information to Its Users Which They Can Be Satisfied After Reading. That is Why if You Have Created a Blog, Then Give All the Information Related to Your Post in It. It Means to Say That if You Are Writing a Post, Then Do Not Distract Your Reader by Writing It Very Clearly, but Try to Give Detailed and Accurate Information in Less Words. Always Place LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords in Your Content. So That the Reader of Your Website Can Get as Much Information as Possible in a Single Post and Stay on Your Website for a Long Time. This Will Increase the Trust Rate of Your Website in the Eyes of Both Your Readers and Google.

How to Save Your Website From Google Hummingbird Update?

Friends, In Simple Language, You Will Write the Content of Your Post as Best as You Can, and Will Provide Information to Your Users in the Best Way. Google Will Give More Value to Your Content So That Your Post Will Get a Good Rank. You Should Try to Answer All the Questions of Your Students in Your Content, and Do Not Forget to Use LSI Keywords. Make the Content of Your Post a Query Base and Provide Accurate and Highest Information to Your Users in a Simple Way.

5) What is Google Pigeon Update?

Friends, Google Pigeon Update Was Launched by Google on July 24, 2014. This Update is Also a Core Part of Google Algorithm Updates. This Update Mainly Checks Whether Your Website is Submitted in Google’s Business Listing. This Update Does Not Appear to Be Penalty on Your Website. But if You Want to Keep Your Website Away From the Impact of Google Pigeon Update, Then Make Sure to Submit Your Website in Google Map, Which Will Increase Your Business, Because You Can Contact Your Nearby Audience, Which Will Definitely Increase Your Business.

6) What is Google Mobile-Friendly Update?

Friends, Google Mobile-friendly Update Was Launched by Google on 21 April 2015. This Update is Mainly for Websites That Are Not Mobile-friendly I.e. Websites That Do Not Open Properly in Mobile. His Pictures Are Said and Going, the Content is Said and Going. Users on Such Websites Take Time to Read the Information as Well as They Are Unable to Use Such Websites Properly. That’s Why Google Launched Mobile-friendly Update, to Know Whether Your Website is Mobile-friendly or Not. You Can Get Google’s Mobile-friendly Test of Your Website, for This You Can Test Your Website by Going to Google’s Official Website Https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly.

Please Note: To Avoid Google’s Mobile-friendly Update, Please Check Whether Your Website is Mobile-friendly or Not. If Not, Make It Mobile-friendly Soon.

7) What is Google RankBrain Update?

Friends, Google Rank-brain Update Was Launched by Google on 26 October 2015. This Update is a Part of Google Hummingbird Update. Its Main Work is Also Focused on Search Query, This Update is to Provide Accurate and Accurate Information to Google’s Users.

This Update is Responsible for Ranking Down and Up, So You Should Know How to Save Your Website From Google Rank-brain Update? So for This, You Should Provide Information to the Users With Detailed and Complete Articles on Your Website as Well as Informative Things That Are Not Boring at All. With Which You Will Also Be Able to Use More LSI Keywords in Your Website Content. Due to This, the Bounce Rate of Your Website Will Also Be Low Because Now Users Will Stay on Your Website for a Longer Time, Due to Which the Trust of Your Website Will Increase in the Eyes of Google, Which Will Surely Be the Ranking Up of Your Website.

8) What is Google Possum Update?

Friends, Google Possum Update Was Launched by Google on 1st September 2016. This Update is Mainly for Those Business Websites Who Have Not Done Local Listing in Their Physical Websites I.e. Google Map. After This Update, Your Business May Suffer if You Have Not Done the Local Listing of Your Website. This Update is a Very Useful Update Because It Will Tell Users About Your Business, if It is Near Your Company. If the User Searches for Another Product or Company, Then It Will Also Show Your Business Location Along With Other Companies. If He is Not Satisfied With Other Companies, Then It is Possible That He Will Visit Your Business Location, Which Will Increase Your Business.

This Update Has a Lot of Advantage in Ranking, Because of This Update, Your Website Will Be at the Top of the Search List. For Example, Suppose You Have Done Gulab Jamun Search on Google, Then You Will Immediately Get the Results of Those Websites in Google Search Result Which Will Be Closest to You. With This You Will Visit Those Websites and Thus the Shop Will Get an Order. This Will Benefit Both You and Gulab Jamun Shop.

How to Stay Safe From Google Possum Update?

You Set the Geo Location and Make Local Listing of Your Website in Google Map. With This, Your Website Will Be Safe With Google Possum Update and Your Business Will Also Benefit.

9) What is Google Fred Update?

Friends, Google Fred Update Was Launched by Google on 8 March 2017. Google’s Fred Update is for Websites That Use Ads and Affiliates Ads More Than Necessary. Along With This, Google’s Fred Update Will Affect Websites on Which the Same Keyword Has Been Used More Often and Websites on Which Excessive Links Have Been Used Which Are Not Content-wise. As Long as the Purpose of Your Website is to Advertise Money, Your Website Cannot Be Saved From This Update. Therefore, Do Not Distract Your Users and Provide Them the Appropriate Information, Which They Can Use by Reading and Knowing, Do Not Forget That Google Knows Everything.

How to Save Your Website From Google’s Fred Update?

Friends, This is a Very Important Update Because Due to This Update, the Ranking of Many Websites Gets Ranked Down or They Are Unable to Rank. So if You Want to Save Your Website From Google’s Fred Update, Then Follow Some Steps Given Below.

  1. Do Not Use Excessive Ads, Popups Etc. On Your Website.
  2. Do Not Overuse the Same Keywords, Use Only Those Keywords That Are Content-wise. Do Not Distract Your Users, This Will Cause Problems to Your Users and Google Does Not Want Any User to Have Any Problem. That is Why It Keeps Updating Its Algorithms.
  3. Do Not Use Unnecessary Images and Links.

10) What is Google Core Update?

Friends, Google Core Update Was Launched by Google on August 2018. Due to This Update There Was a Huge Difference in the Ranking of Many Blogs and Websites. This Update is Mainly for Search Relevancy the Main Job of This Update is to Provide Accurate Information to Users. Google Has Not Told About This Update Completely, but According to Some SEO Experts, This is a Normal Update That Has Been Done to Improve Google’s Search Result.

Conclusion: – Believe That the Day is Not Far Off, on Which Day the Post of Your Website Will Also Stand on a Good Rank in Google. The Need is Just to Be Engaged, and Never Be Disappointed. If You Like the Post, Do Share It With Your Friends, and if You Have Any Question Related to Google Algorithm Updates, Then Feel Free to Ask in Your Question Comment Box. I Will Try to Answer All Your Questions Soon.

What is Google Algorithm Updates? | 10 Major Google Algorithm Updates

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