What is SEO? | All About Search Engine Optimization 2020

What is SEO?

Hello Friends, Today With the Help of This Post You Will Be Able to Get All the Information About SEO That You Want to Know, So Let’s Know Today What is SEO?. Friends, Many People Have a Lot of Questions Related to SEO Such as What is SEO and Why Do They Do It? What is the Benefit of Doing It ?, Can a Website Be Ranked Without SEO? I Will Tell You the Answers to All These Questions One by One and I Will Try to Convey the Complete Information of SEO to You Through This Post.

Friends, SEO Field is Very Big, There is a Lot of Information Inside It, Which You Must Know and Understand. This Post Will Prove to Be Very Beneficial for Both Those Who Are New to SEO Field and Who Are Experience. This Article Will Deepen Your Thoughts, So That You Will Get to Know About SEO in Detail Here and as a Result of Which Your Information Will Increase a Lot.

What is SEO?

SEO Defination – SEO is a Way by Which You Can Make Your Website and Its Posts Top Ranking in Search Engines Like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu Etc.

Full Form of SEO – Friends, Full Form of  SEO is Search Engine Optimization.

Through SEO, You Can Bring the Traffic of Genuine and Free (by Traffic I Mean Users) With the Help of Search Engines. SEO is Very Important to Bring Organic Traffic, It Can Give Your Website or Blog the Top Rank in Search Engine, Which Will Be Absolutely Free.

If the Rank of Your Website is in the Top Position or in Simple Language, Then on the First Page of the Search Engine, Then More and More Users Will Come to Your Website, So That You Will Be Able to Do Maximum Business.

There Are Many Bloggers in India Who Earn Millions of Rupees a Month With the Help of Their Website. If You Want to Earn Lakhs of Rupees a Month From Your Website Just Like Them, Then Try to Read This Post Carefully and Try to Understand It.

Please Note: – After Creating a Website, We Use SEO to Rank Its Posts in the Search Engine, So if You Have Created Your Website and Want It to Rank in the Search Engine, Then You Will Read This Post Completely. Now Let Us Know More About SEO.

Why is SEO So Important for a Website?

SEO is Very Important for the Website Because Only by Doing This You Will Be Able to Bring Traffic to Your Website in an Organic Way, Friends Who Create a Website, They Would Definitely Want That Many People Come to His Website and Read His Posts, but All This is Not Easy.

Bringing People to Your Website is a Difficult Task That Does Not Happen in a Day or Two, That is Why They Do SEO So That Soon Their Website Posts Start Ranking in the Search Engine Due to Which Visitors Start Coming to Their Website.

Please Note: – if You Want a User to Do Some Search Related to a Post on Your Website and That Post of Your Website Appears on the Top Page of the Search Engine, Then You Have to Do SEO for Your Website. You Will Read This Post Called What is SEO?, Every Single Point is Very Important, So Read All the Points Carefully.

What Are the Types of SEO?

There are 3 Types of SEO We Use For Getting Rank in Search Engine, SEO Types are Given Below.

  • White Hat SEO – In This Technique, We Follow the Search Engine Guidelines to Rank Our Website.
  • Black Hat SEO – In This Technique, We Don’t Follow the Search Engine Guidelines to Rank Our Website.
  • Gray Hat SEO – In This Technique, We Follow Some the Guidelines of Search Engine to Rank Our Website.

Note: Most SEO Experts Use Gray Hat SEO but We Would Advise You to Use Only White Hat SEO to Rank Your Website or Blog and Follow All the Rules of Search Engines.

What Are the Techniques of SEO?

Friends, There Are 2 Techniques of Doing SEO Which Will Enable You to Rank Your Website in Search Engine, in These Two Ways, First is on Page SEO and Second is Off Page SEO.

If You Know Both These Ways, Then It Will Be Your Right Hand to Rank Any Website in the Search Engine. So Let Us Know Without Delay That How Can We Rank Our Website in These Two Ways?

What is On Page SEO? | On Page Optimization

Friends, Use on Page SEO in the Internally Part of the Website, on Page SEO Requires That You Have Admin Page Access to the Website You Want to Do on Page SEO. Below I Am Going to Tell You All the Ways That on Page SEO Do. In This Post Called What is SEO?, Both on Page and Off Page is Very Important, but First I Start With on Page Optimization.

1) Keyword Research

Friends, On Page SEO is a Very Important Character of Keyword Research, Because Only by Doing Keyword Research, You Will Be Able to Truly Search All the Keywords for Your Website Which People Search More. You Will Find Many Online Tools for Keyword Research Where You Will Be Able to Find the Best and Most Searched Keyword for Your Website.

With This, in Keyword Research You Will Also Be Able to Know Which Keyword is More Competitive and Which Keyword is Less, With the Help of Which You Will Be Able to Understand Which Keywords Are Important for Your Website.

2) Content Optimization

Content is Also Called the King of SEO, Therefore the Content of Your Website Should Be Very Good, Which the Visitors Do Not Have Difficulty in Understanding Anything. Use Simple Language in the Content So That It Can Be Easily Understood by Everyone, Big and Small.

The Better Content You Write, the Better Will Be the Value of Your Website. One Thing Should Be Kept in Mind That the Content of Someone Else’s Website Should Not Be Copied by Mistake as Doing This, but Google’s Panda Update Will Penalize Your Website. Along With SEO You Should Also Have a Good Knowledge About Google Algorithm Updates, Google Panda Update is One of These Updates That Affect the Content of Your Website.

Also, Do Not Use Fake Content in Your Website at All, by Fake Content I Mean Content That is Not Compliant With the Title Tag of Your Post. Because the User Will Read the Title Tag of Your Post and Come to Your Website, but if He Finds Something Else to Read, He Will Never Want to Come Back to Your Website, So Write a Content That is a Recommendation of Your Title Tag and Users Will Like It. .

If You Want to Spend Money, You Can Also Write Content to Someone Else, There is a Lot of Online Website for This. Where You Will Get a Content Writer in the Form of Freelancers So That You Can Get Your Content Written. With This, the Content Plagiarism of Your Website Should Be Free, Try to Ensure That the Content of Your Website is Unique, Only Then It Will Be Quickly Ranked in the Search Engine.

Please Note: – for a Post, You Should Use at Least 300 Words of Content. Remember Not to Try to Mislead Users, So Write Your Post in Such a Way That at Least in Words They Can Understand the Users.

Headings – Part of Content Optimization

Headings Have a Lot of Importance in SEO, Such as Headings Are Used While Writing Essay So That They Understand the Teacher Properly, in the Same Way That When You Create Your Website Posts Using Headings, That Too. The Search Engine Will Be Liked a Lot and Will Affect Your Readers as Well. Depending on the Content, You Can Use Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3 and the Rest of the Headings.

Keyword – Part of Content Optimization

Keyword on Page is a Very Important Part of Optimization and It is Very Important Part of Content Optimization. Focus Can Be Done on One or More Keywords for a Post, for This the Keywords in the Post Should Be Used Carefully. You Must Use Keyword in Your Website Post, in Headings, SEO Title, in the First Paragraph of the Post, in Image Alt Tag, in Meta Description and in URL.

Please Note: – Use the Keyword You Have Chosen in the Content of Your Post. (2% Max.)

3) URL

Keep the URL of Your Post (URL – Uniform Resource Locator) as Short and as Simple as Possible and Must Use Keyword in Your URL on Which Post You Want to Focus Keyword.

See Below for Example: –

The URL of This Post of Techie Post Website is – https://techiepost.info/what-is-seo/ in This I Have what-is-seo as the Keyword in URL, You Can Also Use the Same URL for Your Post.

4) Title Tag

To Increase the CTR (Click-through Rate) of the Website and to Bring More and More Visitors, Make the Title Tag of Your Website Very Good. For This, You Should Not Make the Title Tag of Your Website More Than 65 Words Because Google Searches Does Not Have More Than 65 Words Title Tag Show. The More Attractive the Title Tag of Your Post, the More Visitors Will Like It. Therefore, Make Your Title Tag as Attractive as Possible, Which Should Be Followed by Your Post, Which the User Should Enter in Your Website Immediately After Reading It.

5) Meta Description

Friends, Meta Description is Very Important for SEO Because Using It, We Tell Google or Any Other Search Engine on Which Topic Our Post is Made, Like on Tech or Sports or on Any Topic, Meta Description of 155 Words Make It Because the Description of More Than This Does Not Show in Search Engine.

6) Image Alt Tag

Friends, The Post of the Website You Want to Rank in Search Engine Cannot Be Ranked Without Optimizing It Properly. The Role of Image is Also of an Optimization. If You Use Alt Tag in the Image of Your Post, Then Your Post Will Be Optimally Optimized and the Value of Your Post Will Increase in Search Engine, So Do Not Forget to Add Alt Tag to the Image.

7) Link

Friends, Two Types of Links Are Used in Any Post, the First One is Internal Link and the Second is External Link. You Should Use Both of These in Your Web Page. Make Sure to Use at Least One External Link in Your Post With Nofollow Tag and Use Internal Link as Per Your Own, Give It to the Place Where You Have to Provide Internal Link and Keep in Mind That the Link is Always on “Hypertext”. In Simple Words, Always Put Internal Link on Keyword Only So That the Page You Are Linking to Also Gets a Good Rank Juice.

8) Website Speed ​​Optimization

Website Speed ​​has Special Importance in SEO, Because if Your Website Speed is Not Good, Then Your Readers (Visitors) Will Go to Someone Else’s Website Except Your Website. There is Only One Reason for This and That is to Take Time to Open the Website. Hence, Why Should He Waste Time in Opening Your Website.

Think for Yourself if You Search a Keyword on Google and Open a Website From the Given SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and It Opens Late, Then You Should Leave It Immediately and Open Another Website. Understand That Users Do the Same Way. Therefore the Loading Speed of Your Website Must Be Good.

If the Page Speed of Your Website is 4 – 5 Seconds Then It is Okay Because Visitors Do Not Spend Much Time to Open the Website, So if It Takes More Time to Open the Website, Then by Using Some Tips Given Below Your Website Speed ​​up Page Speed.

Know How to Speed Up the Loading Speed of the Website?

  1. First of All You Use Simple Theme in Your Website Because Simple Theme Will Not Load Much on Your Website.
  2. Do Not Use More Plugins Because Using More Plugins Reduces the Ram of the Website in the Same Way as if You Install More Apps in Your Mobile, the Mobile Becomes Slow. Similarly, the Website Also Runs With Hosting and Provides Ram to the Hosting Website, So You Should Use the Same Plugins That Your Website Needs.
  3. Do Not Use Images With More Mb, Keep the Image Size to a Minimum So That the Speed of the Website Can Be Good.
  4. Use W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache Plugins. Cache of the Website Can Be Deleted With These Plugins Which Are Very Important in Increasing the Speed of Your Website.

9) User Friendly Website

You Make Your Website User Friendly, Some People Create a Website Whose Font is Neither Correct Nor Does It Show the Mobile User Correctly. So Do Not Make Such a Mistake, Give Good Look to Your Website Which Visitors Will Like.

After Creating the Website, It is Necessary to Check Whether the Webpages of Your Website Are Showing in the “Mobile Version” or Not, if You Are Not, Then Change the Theme Settings of Your Website and Make It Mobile Friendly. Make Sure to Use Menu, Sub Menu in Your Website and Category and Tag in the Post.

10) Sitemap

Friends Sitemap is a Type of Website Map That is Read by a Search Engine’s Spider or Crawler and Scans It So That It Knows the Structure of Your Website. If You Have Created a Sitemap of Your Website, Then the Crawler Will Quickly Access All the Web Pages of Your Website and Will Be Able to Crowd Them Easily. If the Sitemap is Not Submitted, the Search Engine Crawler Will Not Be Able to Access All the Web Pages on Your Website, So That Many of Your Website’s New Posts Will Not Be Able to Rank in the Search Engine Because It Takes Time to Crawl Spider Without a Sitemap.

Sitemap Mainly We Use Two Types of Xml Sitemap (for Search Engine) and HTML Sitemap (for Users), You Can Also Install the Sitemap by Installing the Plugin of the XML Sitemap in Your Website. In Addition, There Are Many Websites Online From Where You Can Create an XML Sitemap.

Please Note: – in Today’s Time, Most People Use WordPress, in Which a Plugin Called Yoast SEO is Used More. If You Also Use Yoast SEO in Your WordPress Website, Then You Will Not Need to Create a Sitemap.

11) Robots.txt

Robots.txt is a Metatag Using Which the Search Engine is Told Which Files and Folders of the Website to Crawl and Which to Not. You Can Make Robots.txt Manually and Some Online Websites Are Also Available on the Internet, With the Help of Which You Can Also Create Robots.txt File.

What is Off Page SEO? | Off Page Optimization

Friends, Now Know What is Off Page SEO, Off Page SEO Involves Work Outside the Website. All the Work of Off Page SEO is to Promote Your Website on Other Websites. In This, Submit the Links of the Posts of Your Website to Other Websites and Take Backlinks From Them. Backlink Refers to the Link That We Get From Another Website. Off Page Optimization is Also Known as Link Building.

Backlinks Are Specially Created in Off Page SEO, Which Increases the Da and Pa of the Website, Which is Very Important to Get the Rank of Keywords. Friends, Website Needs Support Which Has to Be Taken From Other Website.

Let Us Now Know How to Backlinks the Website So That the Website is Strong So That the Rank of the Website Boots in Google or Any Other Search Engine. I Am Going to Tell You Some Important Tricks Below, Read Them and Know How to Backlinks the Website.

Please Note: – As Much as Possible, Create Links on the Websites of High DA PA Along With Do Follow, Only Then Your Websites Will Get Rank Juice and the Performance of the Website Will Increase in the Search Engine. Now We Know in Detail About Off Page Optimization Activity in This Post.

1) Search Engine Submission

First of All in Off-page SEO We Submit Our Website in Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask.com, Baidu, Etc.). Friends, If Your Website is New, Search Engine Will Not Crawl It Quickly, but if You Submit the Link to the Website in Search Engine, Then Your Website Will Get Crowded Very Quickly and Will Be Shown in Search Engine Result Page (SERP). . So Do Not Forget to Submit Your Website to Search Engine.

2) Bookmarking

Go to Bookmarking Websites and Bookmark Your Website as the Caching Frequency of Such Websites is Better. If You Create a Backlink of Your Website on These Websites, Then the Ranking of Your Website Pages in the Search Engine Will Come Quickly.

Please Note: – Remember Not to Do More Than 17 Bookmarking in a Day.

3) Directory Submission

Directory Submissions Are Used to Create Strong Backlinks. Link the Pages of Your Website From the Directory Website of High DA PA and Increase the Value of Your Website in the Search Engine.

4) Classified Submission

A Classified Submission Means Promoting the Website, Visiting Some Good Websites Like OLX, Quikr, Etc., You Can Make a Classified Submission of Your Website for Free.

5) Blog Commenting

Some Famous Websites That Have Good Rank and DA PA High Should Go and Comment on Such Website and Submit the URL of Your Website. With Which You Will Get Referral Traffic on Your Website and Along With It, You Will Also Get Backlinks, Comment on the Do Follow Website as Much as Possible.

Please Note: – Friends, Do Commenting Always on Your Niche (Topic) Website. Because the Website You Are Commenting on is Not of Your Niche, Then That Comment Will Count in the Spam Comment, So Comment on the Website that Related to Your Topic.

6) Guest Post

Guest Post is Submitted on the Website That Asks for Guest Post Submission, You Have to Submit a Link to Your Website by Going to Such Website. By Which Your Website Will Have a Very Good Link Juice Because We Get a Do Follow Link From Guest Post.

Friends, Guest Post Submission is Both Free and Paid, You Have to Submit the Content Related to Niche of Your Website to the Website Containing Guest Post. If Your Content is Good, Then the Owner of the Website With Guest Post Will Accept It Soon So That Your Website Will Get a Quality Back Link From That Website.

7) Uses of Social Media

Friends, The Use of Social Media is Increasing Day by Day, Social Media is the Best Platform From Where Your Website Can Get Lots of Genuine Traffic. So Create an Account on Social Websites Such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, Etc. On Social Websites and Submit a Link to Your Website Through the Post.

Please Note: Remember One Thing, Do Not Post on More Than 30 Social Websites in a Day.

8) Profile Creations

Profile Creations Have a Different Importance for Backlinks, in Profile Creations You Have to Create Profiles by Going to Different Websites Where You Get a Quality Backlinks.

9) PDF / PPT Submission

For This, There is a Lot of Website Available Where You Can Submit PDF/PPT While Submitting PDF / PPT, You Must Link Your Website in PDF/PPT Submission Websites.

10) Image Submission

Image Submission is Also a Way by Which You Can Rank Your Website in Search Engines. Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr Etc. Are Good Websites for Image Submission Where You Can Submit Links Through Images.

11) Business Listing

If You Want to Show Your Website in a Specific Place or Where the Logo of a Particular Location is on the Search Engine, Then You Can Use Business Listing, in Addition to Doing Business Listing, Your Website Also Gets a Quality Link.

12) Blog Submission | 2.0 Submission

Going to the Sites of Blog Submission, You Will Have to Create a Blog, After That You Will Have to Post a Blog With the Help of a Post on That Blog in Which You Can Give a Link to Your Website, Blog Submission is a Great Way to Get Quality + Unique Backlink the Website of the Blog Submission is of the Authority High and the Do Follow Link Gives It, So if You Create a Blog Here, You Will Surely Get a Very Good Link to Your Website.

Sites of Blog Submission Are Also Called 2.0 Submission Sites, So Do Not Get Confused Here. Blogger.com, Sites.google.com, Tumblr.com, WordPress.com, Wix.com Etc. Are Blog Submission Websites Where You Can Create a Blog for Your Website.

12) Article Submission

Article Submission is Also Similar to Some Blog Submission, in Which You Have to Submit Article by Going to the Article Submission Website. Submit an Article of Good Quality to the Article Submission Website, Only Then That Website Will Accept Your Article, After Which a High Authority Do Follow Link Will Be Provided to Your Website.

Please Note: – Try to Submit Article on High Authority Do Follow Article Submission Website.

Important: – Friends, Link Submission Does Not Mean That You Will Break the Rules of the Search Engine by Doing So by Submitting the Link on Any Website, So Work Correctly With a Ratio. When Submitting a Link, Your Objective Should Not Only Be to Take a Link From That Website but Also to Present Your Website Well on That Website.

Conclusion: Friends, After Reading This Post You Must Have Understood How Many Challenges Are Faced While Doing SEO. But You Do Not Have to Worry, No One Becomes Successful in the Early Days, He Has to Concentrate in His Work and Also Has to Give Time. Therefore, You Are Hopeful That After Reading This Post You Will Also Be Able to Reach Your Website at a New Height. If You Work Hard and Work Hard on One Website for 3 to 6 Months With Hard Work, You Will Start Seeing Results.

Along With This, Keep in Mind One Thing That Only by Studying, No One Can Achieve Success, for That He Will Also Have to Do Practical’s. After Reading This Post, Adopt It in Your Real Life. If You Are New in the Field of SEO, Then Create a Blog and Submit a Blog to It and Learn SEO by It, Blogger and WordPress Are Good Websites for This. If You Did Not Do Practical After Reading This Post, Then You Will Not Get Even 10 Percent Benefit of Reading This Post. Therefore, After Reading This Post, You Must Use All These Facts Practically.

Hope You Guys Liked the Post (What is SEO?), If You Want Any Type of SEO Related Information, Then Write Your Question in the Comment Box, You Will Get the Answer Soon, Thanks.

What is SEO? | All About Search Engine Optimization 2020

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